Detail of Electronic Procedures

Recognize how association of amateur radio associations are legally constituted and registered in the Register of Associations whose purpose for amateur radio and undertake to comply with legislation on the subject.
Access Mode
Digital Certificate
Management Centre
Secretariat of State for Digital Progress - E05032701
Directorate General
Overall Direccion telecommunications and information technologies
Management unit
S.G. de Ordenacion de las Telecomunicaciones
Certifications and declarations


Access procedure

Digital Certificate

The applicant must provide:

  • Statutes of the association.
  • Resolution of inscription on the national registry of associations or as an association of the corresponding Autonomous Community.
  • Copy of N.I.F. of the organisation.

Application for recognition as hamradio Association

Manuals browser configuration for the signature electronica

Requirements Applet's configuration of signature [PDF] [887,65 KBPS]

General requirements configuration of the storeroom of certificates [PDF] [1.14 MB]

Additional information

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 991003
Recognition of radio amateurs' associations.

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