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Adopting a new technical project broadcasting station and the consequent authorization for the installation, or request your modification.

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S.G. de Planificación y Gestión del Espectro Radioeléctrico - EA0027929
Radioelectric Spectrum


Royal Decree 579 / 2019, 11 October (BOE 15-10-2019)
that regulates the direct award grants to public service providers television broadcasting of national and regional designed to offset the costs of simultaneous broadcasting transitory and its TV channels during the process of releasing the frequency band 694-790 MHz (second digital dividend)

Act 9 / 2014 of 9 May, global telecommunications (BOE 10 / 05 / 2014)

Royal Decree 123 / 2017, 24 February (BOE 08 / 03 / 2017)

which approves the regulations on the use of public domain radioelectrico

Royal Decree 805 / 2014, 19 September, (BOE 24 / 09 / 2014)

approving the Plan Tecnico national of the Digital Terrestrial TV and regulates aspects for liberacion of the digital dividend.

Royal Decree 964 / 2006 of September 1 (BOE 18 / 09 / 2006)

approving the Plan Tecnico national of Radiodifusion Metricas sound Waves with modulacion of frequency.

Royal Decree 439 / 2004 of March 12 (BOE 08 / 04 / 2004)

approving the Plan Tecnico national of the Local Digital TV.

Royal Decree 1066 / 2001 of 28 September (BOE 29 / 09 / 2001)

approving the Regulations establishes conditions of protection of the public domain radioelectrico, restrictions on emissions radioelectricas and health protection measures against radioelectricas emissions.

Royal Decree 1287 / 1999, 23 July (BOE 26 / 07 / 1999)

approving the Plan Tecnico radiodifusion national terrestrial digital audio.

Royal Decree 765 / 1993, of 21 May (BOE 11 / 06 / 1993)

approving the Plan Tecnico Radiodifusion national average Waves sound (hectometricas).

Royal Decree 1273 / 1992 of 23 October (BOE 01 / 12 / 1992)

that regulates the granting of concessions bathroom frequency assignment for the exploitation of public service Radiodifusion Metricas sound Waves with frequency modulacion by local corporations.

Command CTÉ / 23 / 2002, of 11 January (BOE 12 / 01 / 2002)

establishing conditions for the presentation of certain studies and certifications by operators radiocommunication services.

Processing of personal data [PDF] [502 KB]

As of June 2, 2020, a new method of submitting applications regarding procedures for Approval of Technical Projects and Commissioning of sound and television broadcasting stations will be enabled. Current FTP-based forms will no longer be available as of May 20, 2020, and applications that have not been submitted through the new specific submission forms will not be accepted as of that date. The tools and documents that serve as the basis for the new form of presentation (XSD Schemes, GenXML, validations, ...) will also be updated. For more information, go to the web of Broadcasting Services (sound and television).

Currently and until May 20, 2020, this application is restricted to people authorized by entities authorized by the General Subdirectorate for Planning and Management of the radio spectrum

Access procedure

Digital Certificate


Consultation of the state of processing applications

Management of users able to submit and consult applications

User management authorized to stamp (vocational colleges)

Data checking municipality

Request for public broadcasters aids to simulcast (second digital dividend)

Technical adopt a draft of broadcasting station and the consequent authorization for the installation, or request your modification

Request for the adoption of a new technical project broadcasting station (High) and the consequent authorization for the complete installation, modification of the same, and remission of additional information.

Response to request for correction with input of additional documentation

Help to complete the application and documentation of the project

GenXML: tool for the generation of XML files technical project

XSD schema for the presentation of projects

Validations associated with the presentation telematics technical projects radio stations and television

User Manual GenXML tool for the generation of XML file technical project

Manual for the presentation of projects and authorisations for placing in service with alternative certification

Differences between the schema XSD V2.0 and XSD V3.0 for New Station procedures (High), additional information and modification of Station

Query station files that must be submitted through telematic procedures for modification or information / Additional Documentation

User Manual consultation of the type of processing of radio stations [PDF] [598 KBPS]

Query holder files broadcasting

User Manual of the consultation of headlines of broadcasting [PDF] [592 KBPS]


Consulta del estado de las solicitudes

Gestión de los usuarios habilitados para presentar y consultar solicitudes

Gestión de usuarios habilitados para visar (colegios profesionales)

Aprobar un proyecto técnico de estación de radiodifusión y la consecuente autorización para efectuar la instalación, o solicitar su modificación

Solicitud para la aprobación de un proyecto técnico de nueva estación de radiodifusión (Alta) y la consecuente autorización para efectuar la instalación, modificación del mismo, y remisión de información adicional

Respuesta a requerimiento de subsanación con aportación de documentación adicional

Additional information

Más información sobre estaciones de radiodifusión

Guía para la instalación de la señalización y vallado de estaciones radioeléctricas [PDF][838 KB]

AutoFirma: herramienta para el firmado de documento XML

Acceso a Valide: (Herramientas para la firma y validación de documentos electrónicos)

Requisitos técnicos para la firma electrónica

Otros procedimientos relacionados

Autorización para la Puesta en Servicio de estaciones radioeléctricas

Presentación de certificaciones anuales de niveles de exposición radioeléctrica de estaciones de radiocomunicaciones


Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 151130
Approval of a project tecnico de radiodifusion station and the consequent authorization for the installation, or modification of the same

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