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Solicitudes de autorización del régimen aduanero de perfeccionamiento activo, de perfeccionamiento pasivo o de importación temporal.

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Command PCI/933/2019, 11 September (BOE 13/09/2019),

concerning the authorization special customs regimes of active improvement Outward Processing and import temporary.

As envisaged in the order PCI/933/2019 (BOE 13 September 2019, pags 99270-99275), Article 4.1., applications for authorization of customs regime of active improvement of refinement liabilities or temporary import will come before theState Agency for tax administrationelectronically through its headquarters mail. The form of electronic presentation and data to be included in this presentation will be adjusted to the forms to be published in the electronic site and which correspond to schedule for this purpose in the annex to the regulations (HAT) 2015/2446 and 2015/2447 commission. If the request affects several member states among those who is the kingdom of Spain, the interested party may also make the application through the portal of the General direction of taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD).

Cannot be submit applications from the day 16 September, according to Order PCI/933/2019 (BOE 13 September 2019)

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Models may request

  • Active improvement regimen.
  • Passive improvement regimen.

Problems with the electronic signature:

Check the conditions of the operating system/browser:

  1. The optimum environment is 32 bit Windows 7 with the latest version of 32-bit Java available (> = 1.8.91).
  2. The browser has to be Internet Explorer 32 bits (Internet Explorer 11)

The first time you sign a request make sure you have entered your computer with administrator privileges to be loaded correctly the “ Applet ” signature.

If even after reviewing the previous points still experiencing technical difficulties in the process of electronic signature, please install the program “ self-signature ” for the electronic signature.Self-signatureit is a tool of desktop with graphical interface that allows the execution of operations of signing in desktop environments (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).

You can check whether the configuration of your computer is suitable for running the electronic signatureavailable signature test

If after reviewing this continuous information having difficulty sign can send an email toMailbox trade applications, detailing the problem and attaching, depending on the case, the screens of error, the result of the signature test and any other information considered helpful. Also indicate your name and phone number to be able to contact You.

Incidences mailbox:

For any clarification concerning the processing of your request you can contact the General Office Tariff Policy and trade defence instruments via

For any computer problem:

It has at its disposal a document with (2217 Kbps)solutions to possible technical problemsthat might occur in the presentation of applications.

If after reviewing this document continues with your problem file a bug in the email addressapplications _, by explaining and attaching, depending on the case, the screens of error. Also indicate your name and phone number and one of our technicians will contact you, on the phone to tell us, in the shortest time posible.

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Authorization of economic customs regimes. Inward and outward

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