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Filling in on-line questionnaires on the Industrial Situation Survey (monthly), Coyuntura Construction Sector (monthly and quarterly) and Industrial Investment (spring and fall)
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Management Centre
Under Secretariat for Industry, Trade and Tourism - E05034701
Directorate General
General Secretary Tecnica
Management unit
S.G. de Estudios, Análisis y Planes de Actuación


Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Access to the procedure with digital certificate: completion online questionnaires


Access to the procedure with key: Cumplimentación online questionnaires

By file codeProcedure access

Access to the procedure file by code: completion online questionnaires

Support information for all access modes

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 996740
Transfer of data for the Industrial surveys, Juncture in the construction Sector and Industrial Investments

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