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Gestion the execution of the aid programme for proceedings of Reindustrializacion: General Call, Bahia de Cadiz, area of Almaden, area of Campo de Gibraltar, area of Lorca, rural districts of El Ferrol, Eume and Ortegal, districts left bank of the Nervion, community Autonoma de Canarias, community Autonoma de Extremadura, isle of Iron, Provinces of Soria, Teruel and Jaen, sectors textil-confeccion, footwear, toy, furniture, tanning and marroquineria, municipality of Vinaros and area of influence of Ignalina Garoña, Free zones.
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General Secretariat of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises - E04934403
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Overall Direccion industry and small and medium enterprises
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S. Estrategicos programme
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Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 200341
Reindustrializacion: Community of canary islands Autonoma
S.I.A. Code: 200342
Reindustrialization: zone of influence of the C.N. Sta. María of Garoña
S.I.A. Code: 200959
Reindustrialization: Region of Lorca.
S.I.A. Code: 200960
Reindustrialization: island of Iron
S.I.A. Code: 201001
: Reindustrialisation Extremadura GENTLE Community
S.I.A. Code: 203570
Reindustrialization: zones
S.I.A. Code: 990920
Reindustrialization: General call
S.I.A. Code: 991816
Reindustrialization: field of Gibraltar (Cádiz)
S.I.A. Code: 991830
Reindustrialization: Left margin of the Buen.
S.I.A. Code: 991860
Reindustrializacion: Soria, Teruel and Jaén
S.I.A. Code: 991878
Reindustrialization: Regions of The Ferrol, Eume and Ortegal (A Coruña)
S.I.A. Code: 991882
Reindustrialization: Offshoring textil-confección sectors, shoes, toys, furniture, leather tanning and, graphic arts and paper
S.I.A. Code: 997080
Reindustrializacion: municipality of Vinaròs (Castellon)
S.I.A. Code: 997106
Reindustrializacion: County Cádiz Bay.
S.I.A. Code: 997107
Reindustrialization: Region of Almadén (Royal City)

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