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Is the tool that allows citizens to apply to the Ministry of energy, tourism and Digital Agenda that when, under a general disposal not required application acts or under an act, contract or administrative contract this ministry come obliged to perform a specific services for one or more specific persons who are entitled to it can claim to this Administration compliance with this live.
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S.G. resources, Claims and Relations with the administration of justice
Appeals and Claims


Article 29 of law 29 / 1998 of 13 July, (BOE 14/07/1998) 

regulatory Contencioso-Administrativa jurisdiction.

Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Presentation Of Claims

Remedies against the administration's inactivity

Actions in existing Claims

Formal correction of

Application to change representative or data relating to effects of notification

Presentation of allegations

Consultation of files


Presentación de solicitudes

Presentación de recursos contra la inactividad de la administración

Actuaciones en recursos ya existentes

Subsanación de defectos formales

Solicitud de cambio de representante o datos referidos a efectos de notificación

Presentación de alegaciones

Consulta de expedientes

Additional information

Information about the processing [PDF] [113 KBPS]

Information form

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 220328
Appeal against the administration's inactivity

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