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Of registry data communication facilities of electricity production from renewable energy, cogeneration and waste between competent bodies of the autonomous communities and D. G. Energy Policy and Mines
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Royal Decree 413 / 2014, 6 june (BOE 10-06-2014)

Regulating the activity of production of energia electrica from renewable energy sources, negotiations—the event and waste.

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Registration data communication facilities electrica energy production from renewable energy sources, negotiations—the event and residues between relevant bodies Of Autonomous Regions and the directorate-general Politica Energetica and landmines.

General.., facilities of production of energia electrica included in the scope of the royal decree 413 / 2014, 6 june, must be registered in the register of administrative production of energia electrica the ministry of industry, Energia and tourism. During the process of tramitacion a instalacion of production of energia electrica whose competence of authorisations the of autonomous regions, these carry out an advance and facilities at the instalacion daran and transfer of such registration to address General of Politica Energetica and mines to taking razon register as production Facilities of energia electrica, allocate at least the data collected in annex X to the Royal Decree 413 / 2014, 6 june.

Formal grant of entitlements through the inclusion in the register of the ministry of industry, trade and tourism, leads to the head of an indentification number. in the same which is communicated to the community autonoma responsible. Those communications were conducted through the present operative.

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