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Infraestructuras Comunes de Telecomunicaciones


Right Decreto-Ley 1 / 1998 of 27 February (BOE 28-02-1998)

The Real Decreto-ley 1 / 1998 of 27 February, on common infrastructure in buildings for access to as telecommunications services, has as its key objectives: to ensure the right of all citizens to access the different as telecommunications services via the authorized operator of your choice, giving some buildings appropriate infrastructure that permit, promoting the sharing of such infrastructures, that the level of quality of the same is right and regulating the sector of installers and, moreover, to ensure that all operators have equal rights of use of the infrastructure that allow them to have access to their potential customers.

Royal Decree 346 / 2011, March 11 (BOE 01 / 04 / 2011)

Which approves the regulations regulator of common facilities for telecommunications access as telecommunications services inside buildings.

Command ITC 1644 / 2011, June 10 (BOE 16 / 06 / 2011)

Which develops the regulatory Rules of common facilities for telecommunications access as telecommunications services inside buildings, approved by the Royal Decree 346 / 2011, 11 March.

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Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Prior to the instructions to complete the forms [PDF] [207 KBPS]

2003 Rules and regulations 2011

Telematica consulte form of new projects ICT

Telematica consulte form of record of reposition a ICT

Presentation form project telematica modified ICT

Telematica consulte form of Boletin and protocol of ICT Without labor Direccion

Telematica consulte form of Bulletin of ICT With labour Direccion

Presentation form telematica protocol and labour Certificate end of ICT

Presentation form telematica Certification request the JPIT

Telematica consulte form of Subsanacion a ICT (2011.Tambien rules will be valid for 2003 law whenever the requirement of subsanacion indicate the number of Act)

Telematica consulte form documentation concerning the modification of an existing ICT

2011 Rules

Query form for operators with interest in the area of the ICT.

Status of the file tramitacion

The consultation of the state of tramitacion of the file.

Procedures to make payment of fees for the certification request JPIT

Access to payment telematic storage

Print access for payment by window


Access to the procedure With Cl@ve

The ministry of industry, Energy and tourism notified the result of different acts and administrative procedures related to the presentations telematicas made. You can always know the status of the file tramitacion through the consultation of the state of tramitacion of the file.

Additional information

Help to complete the application

Technical requirements for the electronic signature

User manuals

Reference Manual Designers to operators [PDF] [1762 Kbps]

Presentation Manual telematics of new projects of ICT [PDF] [1294 Kbps]

Presentation Manual telematics records of Rethinking [PDF] [1472 Kbps]

Telematic presentation Manual newsletters and protocols of ICT without project management [PDF] [1687 Kbps]

Presentation Manual telematics ICT bulletins with project management [PDF] [1504 Kbps]

Presentation Manual correction of telematics ICT [PDF] [1310 KBPS]

Presentation Manual telematics protocol and labour Certificate purpose [PDF] [1341 KBPS]

Presentation Manual telematics certification request the JPIT [PDF] [1120 KBPS]

Telematic presentation Manual Values ICT [PDF] [1411 KBPS]

Telematic reference Manual of the status of the ICT [PDF] [911 KBPS]

Further information and contact for incidences

For any incidence related to the submission of the forms above, please contact us at dump, providing descriptive screen, indication of the form of processing employee, information on the operating system used and any other information which may be helpful.

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 155096
Presentation of new common infrastructure projects telecommunications
S.I.A. Code: 997791
Consultation of designers to operators for common infrastructure facilities telecommunications

Información sobre tratamientos de Datos de Carácter Personal

S.I.A. Code: 155096

S.I.A. Code: 997791

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