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Date in one of the Official Records of Importers (R. O. I.) as a prerequisite for entering regulated products or materials in national territory:

  • R. O. I. OF EXPLOSIVES based on article 216 of the Explosives Regulations (Royal Decree 230/1998, of 16 February)
  • R. O. I. OF FIREWORKS AND ammunition based on article 146 of the Rules of pyrotechnic articles and cartridges (Royal Decree 563/2010, of May 7)
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Management Centre
State Secretariat for Energy - E05032001
Directorate General
Address General of Politica Energetica and mines
Management unit
Mine S.


Royal Decree 230 / 1998 of 16 February, BOE (12 / 03 / 1998)

Which approves the regulations of explosives.

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Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 178717
Inscription on the official registry of importers of explosives, fireworks and cartucheria pirotecnicos

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